I’m feeling prescient this morning. From my upcoming play Terms of Use :

 AT RISE: ENTER MISS V. She is a young, beautiful, sexy woman wearing revealing clothing and a come-hither smile. She has a shiny helmet tucked under her arm and she speaks directly to the audience.


Welcome to the amazing world of Vermeerizent! Here, you can live out your wildest dreams. Do and be anything you have ever imagined. See, hear, touch, taste and smell anything - and everything! You'll swear it's all real. Join millions of people from all over the world who visit Vermeerizent every day! It's a whole new world in which to work, play, live, and love. There's no charge and there never will be. And it's easy to use! Just wear this - the V-Helm. Connect it to your network and we'll do the rest! You'll be amazed at how real it all is! So sign up for an account today. Vermeerizent: Free! and Amazing!

A fast-talking DISCLAIMER VOICE is heard as MISS V preens seductively.


Offer void where prohibited. Internet access required to use the service - fees may apply. V-Helm requires refundable deposit. Visit our website today for more details. Side effects may occur. Use at your own risk. Use of the Vermeerizent service subject to Terms of Use agreement.


Come to Vermeerizent. I'll be waiting for you.


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